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Communication: Family Communication

Communication is essential with everything in this world, especially your child and your child's teachers.

The Early Bird Learning Center will provide daily feedback about your child's care with constant updates to our educational system.

Our school's owners, administrators and teachers are available anytime.  We will make it a point to give feedback on the activities we provide, along with the progress your child is making.  As a member of the Early Bird Learning Center, we will provide:

Daily Activity Reports:
How your child is progressing? Their strengths, weaknesses, and how they can improve.

Our Stop in Anytime Policy:

We always want your input and suggestions regarding your child's care.  If there is anything in addition that you would like to share or see, we will be available to listen or share.

Open Houses / Family / Conferences:
As a parent, you will have opportunities to your child’s work while at the school. 


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