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Philosophy: Quality Assurance

Your Child's Physical Health, Social, Emotional, and Educational Well-Being is our primary focus.

The Center focuses not only on the state Quality Assurance requirements, but also  on our own high level quality for the kids. We have a great staff all of highly educated, degreed and certified individuals.

The Early Bird Learning Center will make sure your child will gain exceptional knowledge for continued advancement throughout future life experiences. We also will be continuously evaluating and updating our health and safety policies and procedures, curriculum and programs/activities.

Early Bird Quality Assurance system will provide the structure for the entire organization which will include:

  • A fun, safe, caring atmosphere where your child is completely comfortable
  • Very open communication with the parents and children with a focus on their individual needs
  • Outstanding facility that the children will love
  • A higher learning atmosphere with opportunities for child to express their creativity and curiosity
  • Highly experienced and educated faculty committed to your child’s development

Schedule an appointment now to see the facility, meet the staff and check out our curriculum.

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